Rishton ki Mithaas

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I've devoted my heart and soul to create a strong foundation of integrity and excellence. We build deep, enriching relationships with passion and perseverance. We are here for good.



To foster a strong bond that lasts long, really long. Whether its with our customers, patrons, employees or stakeholders. Where interactions are honest, fair and sincere. Importantly, for the better, in every way. Where all decisions are guided by Rishton ki Mithaas. Making the world happier, delightful and magical. Everyday.


We build with a passion that goes beyond the apparent, and sometimes defies business logic. Every square feet is a cradle that nurtures and elevates life and emotions. Not just accommodating but accentuating life.


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Leading the way in affordable and luxury developments across East India.
Foray into commercial and retail. Moving forward, all our projects will be green certified.


The highest regard for passion, compassion, faith and commitments. We work with the same orbit of impeccable architects, engineers and consultants who breathe the same vision.



With scale comes a responsibility to do what's right. Every single instance. Great relationships are rare, we keep them with care.