To foster strong bonds that last long and truly stand the test of time. Whether it’s with our customers, patrons, employees or stakeholders, it’s the relationship that motivates us to succeed, to go beyond and create a happier world. Where interactions are honest, fair and sincere. And for the better, in every way.

Creating luxury homes isn’t simply about technical expertise. It’s about the joy of living up to those bonds, and honouring them. From the strongest values emerge the most glorious projects.

At Orbit, decisions are guided by the value we cherish the most…

Rishton ki Mithaas

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For all those years

Relationships are at the heart of Orbit. We believe that when we build a home, it’s just the start of something beautiful - relationships are what make it complete. To share the joy of a home with those you love - that’s what makes a home stand the test of time. That’s why every home we’ve created across the city is a testament to the most important value of all. Relationships - there’s no foundation deeper, no pillar stronger and no journey higher.

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Orbit, ek alag soch

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If there’s a word that encapsulates Orbit, it is ‘passion’. We don't build, but create experiences. We tailor architectural designs around the lives of people who live in it. At Orbit, there's no foundation deeper than a relationship, and nothing more monumental than reputation.



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Awards & Recognitions

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CREDAI Realty Awards 2017

IGBC Awards 2017