Indoor Plants - a breath of fresh air

Now that you are ready to move to your new residential apartment and are busy with the aesthetics and decor, it would be prudent to gather up information about indoor plants – After all, ‘go green’ is the key to good living in metropolitan cities like Kolkata. Do you know embellishing indoor areas with houseplants has manifold benefits? It’s not only adding greenery for enhancing the aesthetic appeal but these living plants interact with your mind, body, and home in more ways than one, thereby augmenting the overall quality of life.

 Air Purification

Apart from bringing in a restful, relaxing ambiance to any room and brightening it up, well-placed greenery does purify the air. Dutch researchers in a study in 2008 discovered that keeping indoor plants in hospital rooms reported decreased stress levels in patients, as compared to those without indoor plants in the rooms.

Helps in Removing Air Toxins

According to NASA researchers, plants help remove air toxins every 24 hours, up to 87% of VOCs or volatile organic compounds. The VOCs comprise formaldehyde found in grocery bags, cigarette smoke, vinyl and rugs, trichloroethylene and benzene present in paints, solvents, inks, and fibers. Modern airtight and climate-controlled buildings are instrumental in trapping VOCs. It has been discovered by NASA researchers that plants sterilize the trapped air by attracting the contaminants into the soil, where microorganisms present inside the root zone help convert VOCs into plant food.

 Keep Respiratory Complications at bay

Plants in interior spaces release moisture vapor thereby increasing humidity and helping keep respiratory complications at bay. For the purpose of air purification, it is recommended that you place about 15 to 18 plants in pots with 6 to 8-inch diameters for an interior space having an area of 1800 square feet. For bringing in high efficiency with regard to any houseplant, you should always match the right plants to the appropriate growing conditions.

Effective House Plants 

Here are the names of a few beautiful and effective houseplants, which are easy on maintenance and effectively increase oxygen content in the air, simultaneously clearing out toxins – the result; clean and fresh air to breathe in.

English Ivy:

Amongst the list of air-filtering houseplants, the English Ivy probably occupies the prime position. Its capacity in the absorption of formaldehyde, its adaptability, and the easy growing tendency has made it the most effective plant for indoors.

Baby Rubber Plant:

This low maintenance plant thriving even in cooler climates and dim lighting is a powerful air purifier and toxin eliminator.

 Aloe Plant:

Aloe Plants aid in monitoring the air quality of your home as much as soothing skin cuts and burns and detoxification of the body. This plant is especially helpful in clearing the air of the pollutants present in chemical cleaning kinds of stuff.

 Peace Lily:

The wonderfully low-maintenance flower diminishes toxins in the air at home and grows well in cooler temperatures and shade.

 Bamboo Palm:

Amongst NASA’s top clean-air plants the attractive bamboo palm gets a high score too. This plant needs indirect sunlight and has to be well watered. It is especially effective against trichloroethylene and benzene.

Snake Plant:

Snake plants are an easy choice since they don’t need a lot of water or light to survive. This plant helps in absorption of carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen at night (opposite of what most other plants do). Snake plants are the ideal fit for your bedroom providing fresh air boost.


This is another popular choice to have for indoors and is easy on maintenance and have decorative vines. Quite similar to English Ivy this plant is effective in absorption of formaldehyde.


Red-edged Dracaena is a vibrant and beautiful plant that may grow close to 15-foot or so. Apart from adding aesthetic value, this plant removes toxins like formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, and xylene.

The ideas contained in this blog, shared by Orbit Group, a trusted real estate developer in Kolkata,  should stand you in good stead as you gear up for installing indoor plants to enhance the décor of your house as much as creating a healthy living condition.

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