Some of the most important projects we have done have been joint ventures with landowners. Orbit is one of the most trusted names in real estate joint ventures.

Why do landlords put their faith in us?

We have spent years investing in happiness and earning the trust of people we work with. And this has ensured that your relationship with Orbit is not just a financial transaction, but an emotional connection. Consequently, all those who work with us once are not just satisfied, but delighted… and this relationship continues even after the work is done. They, in turn, spread the word about the "Orbit Experience" to their friends and family. And this is how we've made our way into the hearts of millions…

Faith and goodwill are intangible elements, which can only be earned by consistent effort and dependable delivery over the years. We offer a relationship that\'s not bound by the dry ink on a contract paper, but one that develops into a lifetime bond based on love and trust.

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