Discover life at ORBIT ASHWA – Upcoming Residential Project in Kolkata

Discover life at ORBIT ASHWA – Upcoming Residential Project in Kolkata

Aug 11, 2017
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What’s life?

Just a cluster of years?

A collection of events?

A sojourn bound by life and death?

All of the above or much more?

A practical example will make it simple.

A family goes out on a trip. They stay at a plush hotel and experience the adjoining areas. They enjoy themselves to the tee, lapping up the magic of nature far from the cacophony of the maddening crowd. They come back to the city and get busy with their lives. Life starts looking the same to them. They miss the mystique of the greenery which made them forget the pains of their daily struggle. At the back of the mind they crave to go back to that what they left behind. They discovered a different life over there. They enjoyed returning to their roots in the midst of serenity while exchanging quite communication with each other.

Is it possible to live that life in the middle of the city? Go on a daily voyage of introspection?

Yes, it is. It is possible to combine the fast lane of the city with a patch of peace and serenity.

Out of various real estate projects in Kolkata, Orbit Ashwa is one of the best upcoming real estate projects near Judges Court Road, Kolkata. The same is developed by one of the most trusted real estate developers in Kolkata, namely Orbit Group. Flats range from 2 to 4 BHKs, sized at 1410 to 2245 sq ft divided into 3 towers. The ambience of the countryside amidst a bustling city, here the idea of urbanization is redefined as it indulges in the ultimate sophistication of modern luxuries never ignoring the touch of earth. Specially manicured gardens of Orbit Ashwa unleash pure nature on your tired self whenever you reach its lap. The tastefully done up interiors take care of your aesthetics when you look around. Canopy and cabanas give your perched minds a much needed break. Light and shades play with your emotions. Swimming pools for the young and old help you unwind. The open terrace garden gives you the ‘high’ you never even dreamt of. Staying at Orbit Ashwa is one of the best ways to discover life and  un-usher the beauty of it in its ultimate un-limitedness. So come and explore life to the brim.

For Booking Orbit Ashwa Call +91 9903212121, +91 9831731088, +91 9903099973.

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