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We build your dreams with love. We're not just builders, designers, architects and engineers. We are the Imagineers of your vision for a happy home. Our endeavor is to turn your wishes into palpable reality. We believe that real estate is not just a piece of land, an apartment, an office or a store. Every square foot is a cradle that nurtures and elevates your life and emotions. It is this belief that we passionately work to build the foundations of your home. We work with celebrated architects, the best in industry consultants, trusted vendors, branded products, and experienced craftsmen to create unique spaces. At Orbit, there is no foundation deeper than a relationship… and no high-rise taller than a reputation. Your family, your team means the world to you. Give them a space that will not just accommodate them, but truly celebrate them. Give them an Experience. Gift them an Orbit.


Our business philosophies reflect our mission of caring. At Orbit, social responsibility is built into our DNA. We believe in making a difference in the world around us, and reaching out to help those in need. These are extensions of our fundamental values as individuals… of love, care and empathy. In our various projects, we integrate the local people within the ambit of our operations in order to get them into the mainstream. This helps in spreading harmony, prosperity and shared success in all areas where we work. This involvement in our projects not only provides them a strong foundation for growth, but also instils in them a new confidence… creating relationships for life. Today we're proud to stand back and watch the difference that we have been able to make in the lives of so many people. Our efforts towards social upliftment are manifold, including various initiatives geared towards developing the tribal society in India, organizing blood donation camps, partnering with local Pujas, supporting schools, clinics and various charitable organizations… We essentially strive to become an integral part of the society where we work, and positively contribute to enhance the experience of the people. Social responsibility is just a reflection of our mission of love. We are passionate in our duty to make the world a better place... We call it the Orbit experience.


At Orbit, we believe that "a building has integrity, just like a man". Hence, space is built with a signature of passion that goes beyond the apparent, or any business logic. At Orbit, the green is more important than the brown; and spaces are more important than the walls. Our most important values are quality and timeliness, and it is our most cherished beliefs that the design of a home or workplace revolves around its inhabitants' life and not vice versa. What we value above all else is our relationship with you, based on trust, respect, love and a shared vision. At Orbit, real estate is just the medium. The mandate is to build a life.


Excellence, at Orbit, is a way of life. This is not just something that we say, but passionately believe in and execute. At Orbit, we are committed to quality; and whatever we develop we do it with a lot of care and passion. Consequently, the quality we provide is always uniformly of the same highest standards. On the quality front, our only competition is ourselves. We are one of the very few companies in India who have all the 3 ISO certifications pertinent to our industry:

ISO 9001:2008 – certifying our ability to consistently create quality structures that meet both customer and regulatory requirements

ISO 14001:2004 – certifying our ability to establish, implement, maintain and improve environmental management systems conforming to stated environmental policies

OHSAS 18001:2007 – certifying our compliance with the international occupational health and safety management system specifications

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